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Coaching, Consulting, Agile Management and Moderation can all have decisive benefits for the manager and the team, as long as they are based on relevant experience, technical knowledge and methodological competence. Advisory services should further be guided by a genuine appreciation of the specific task at hand and the people involved in the process.

Based on my experience and knowledge as a former senior manager in the consulting and IT-servicesindustry, as well as an advisor to IT and digital companies, I am happy to support you, your team and your company to be more successful in managing your tasks.

Today ́s daily business is often shaped by the aim of growing one part of the business while having tomake cuts on another. Additionally, longstanding tasks such as expanding through acquisition andexpanding into new markets gain an extra dimension through the rise of technology. From myexperience, the challenges that new communication and information technologies create typically leadto the questions:

„How do I adapt my businessongoing, leverage digitalization in thisprocess and benefit from thevalue of my data?

I look forward to answering these questions together with you.